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Our software helps healthcare providers manage compliance, reduce risk and improve performance

When you’re running a hospital, a care home or any other healthcare facility, you need to demonstrate compliance with health and safety standards. Our world class risk and compliance software makes it easy to track performance, identify areas for improvement and reduce risks and costs.

The software is easy to integrate with other systems, such as those of pathology laboratories. An intuitive, user friendly interface provides an instant update on performance and a personalised dashboard enables you to focus on the parameters that matter most.

Of course, the greatest contributor to reducing risk and improving performance is culture. Our software provides accurate, real-time data that helps ensure everyone in your organisation takes ownership of risk and compliance. It includes:

  • a leadership behaviours dashboard so you can track behaviour through engagement, compliance and visibility dashboard metrics
  • customised reporting dashboards to track activities on a weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. basis
  • the ability to manage all your contractors through a contractor's compliance dashboard.

Using this data will help you to develop a proactive approach to risk management.

Features of our healthcare risk management solution

  • Risk management and patient safety: capture, manage and analyse near miss occurrences, critical incidents, adverse events and unsafe conditions
  • Patient and employee feedback: track and resolve feedback from staff and patients, transforming it into useful, actionable information
  • Claims management: effectively manage medical malpractice, general liability and professional liability claims from the first notice to resolution
  • Root cause analysis: discover all of the root causes of your adverse events using proven methodologies
  • Risk register (departmental and operational risk management): capture identified departmental and operational risks and link them to strategic objectives. It includes integrated recommendations management and action plans to support continuous improvement against specified objectives.

System security

Security is a key requirement for any healthcare system. Our risk management solution is protected with a robust internal security system that can assign various levels of rights and permissions to suit different types of users or roles:

  • Users of any level can be created, from Administrators all the way to read-only type users, with similar users being grouped together when appropriate. Role assignments are used to define what users are able to do inside the software.
  • There are over 300 allowable functions that can be set to allow or deny users the ability to create reports, print summaries, enter events, or perform searches to name a few. Roles can also be used to restrict a specific section just to manager level users.

If you’re a healthcare organisation, contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help you manage risk.

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