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Varistha is an experienced public sector supplier and was recently appointed to the DOS 4 framework, which enables the public sector to buy specialist services to deliver digital outcomes

Our solutions are ideal for public sector organisations who want to grow their digital presence. We provide a range of applications that are easy and intuitive to use and can be tailored to meet your specific needs by our expert developers.

Website development

When you need to create a new website for a specific service, we can help you at every stage of the journey, from developing initial concepts to creating a dynamic, attractive site. Our developers are skilled in UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) design, enabling them to create sites that people will enjoy using. This means visitors will spend more time on your site and are more likely to return, helping you transfer services to digital channels.

Before handing your site over to you, we'll ensure you have all the skills you need to keep it updated using our intuitive, user-friendly vCMS content management system. We also provide a range of professional hosting options, plus free 24x7 technical support.

Rebranding existing websites

Many public sector organisations find themselves with a range of websites to provide different services, each developed and run by a different supplier. When branding changes, each site has to be updated separately. This can be expensive and time-consuming, as each supplier has to develop and implement a new stylesheet.

We are experienced in helping public sector organisations address this issue quickly and cost-effectively. Our solution is to download and update all the relevant stylesheets, including header, footer, font styles and buttons. We then download the websites and set them up locally on our servers to test the changes. Once the testing has been completed, we provide the spreadsheets so that they can be uploaded onto the respective websites. We can also assist with user testing if required.

Application development

If you need additional development resource to create bespoke applications, look no further. We can either create a fully customised application or provide additional development resource to supplement your in-house team during the development process. All the applications we develop are fully tested before deployment to ensure fully compatibility with your existing system.

Our expertise includes:

  • Custom application development
  • Application re-engineering
  • Enterprise software development
  • Cloud application development for Microsoft Azure
  • Customised CRM and CMS development
  • Bespoke application development using ASP.NET or PHP
  • Data analytics
  • Mobile application development across all the major platforms, including iPhone and iPad, Android, Windows, Blackberry and HTML5

Digital Outcomes and Specialists

We were recently appointed to the Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) 4 framework, which helps the public sector buy specialist resources to help them design, build and deliver digital outcomes using an agile approach. Find us on the Digital Marketplace.

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Solutions provided to Gloucester City Council

Gloucester City Council

If you’d like to know more, contact us to discuss your needs.