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JavaScript Framework Technologies

Expert end-to-end JavaScript development services for businesses aiming for intelligent solutions.

As a leading JavaScript development company, providing custom JavaScript application development services with intuitive site architecture, clear structure, and easily recognisable links. Varistha develop highly optimized, robust and real-time mobile, web, and cross-platform applications using JavaScript Frameworks like NodeJS, AngularJS, VueJS and more.

JavaScript Development Services

We, at Varistha create and optimize web services with JavaScript, including single page web apps, web portals, custom JavaScript Frameworks and dynamic enterprise websites. We offer:

  • Interactive One Page Web Application Development.
  • JavaScript based Plug-In Development.
  • Custom Web Application Development using JavaScript Frameworks like jQuery, AngularJS, VueJS and more.
  • Interactive Application Development with NodeJS.
  • JavaScript based Web Portal Development.
  • JavaScript development with JSON and XML.
  • Mobile Web Application Development with JQuery Mobile.
  • Customized E-Commerce, Shipping Solutions, Shipping and Stock Management API Development.
  • High Level and Enlightened Front End Technologies in order to enrich user’s online experience.

JavaScript Framework Technologies

NodeJS - Are you looking for real-time applications that could run on multiple devices? Well, just plunge into Node.JS to ensure your business growth. It offers speedy development & helps in attaining business goals pretty quickly through its scalable applications created in cost-effective budget.

AngularJS - This Framework is used by our developers to build a website that has a very rich user interface. Angular.JS allows to combine well-known patterns, features, components, and development practices to upgrade the user-experience.

ReactJS - At Varistha, we use React.JS’ virtual DOM core and JSX scripting language to program scalable user interfaces. With mobile apps-powered with React Native, this results in enhanced performance.

EmberJS - Using Ember’s feature-rich templates and Glimmer rendering engine, engaging UX/UI is created for single-page web apps and desktop and mobile apps.

VueJS - Are you looking to develop and manage single-page web applications with superior UI? Then you are at right place. At Varistha, we use Vue’s progressive framework, simplified declarative rendering and lightweight API library to perform this function efficiently.

If you’d like to know more, contact us to discuss your needs.